Useful reading

Here are a few ebooks that I have found useful and enlightening. Please feel free to download.

They’re in a bit of a mess at the moment but I’ll do a better job of organising them when I get more time.

The Kronstadt Commune

Scapegoating- How and Why Scapegoating Occurs

Caliban and the Witch

‘Help! The Poles Are Coming’- Narrating a Contemporary Moral Panic

Moral Panic’ and Moral Language in the Media

A Durkheimian Theory of “Witch-Hunts”

Moral panic From sociological concept to public discourse


Thoma Grunewald – Bandits in the Roman Empire, Myth and Reality (2004)

bandura – failures in self-regulation

The Irrational in Politics



Corporate Psychopaths

Dishonest-Deed-Clear Conscience



mechanisms of moral disengagment

The Reactionary Mind

Scapegoating and Leader Behavior

Scapegoating- How and Why Scapegoating Occurs

The Politics of Blame Avoidance





One comment on “Useful reading

  1. Was looking for the book on bandits, thanks a lot for uploading it!

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